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Are you passionate problem solver and would like to make a significant difference in the lives of others? We create opportunities for energetic & confident bankers or finance professionals who are eager to learn from our proprietary systems.

A great company for brokers who like to start their career by getting involved in a systematic learn process. This learn process includes both a “learning by doing” and a “theoretical/educational” sector. Syndicate Lending Corporation educates its brokers by giving them the special knowledge which they need for their daily work and beyond that providing them with the necessary self-confidence for facing upcoming business challenges. I personally have experienced this learning process and believe every fresh broker who trusts this system and works hard can achieve a great deal of success in mortgages and related lending procedures. There is tremendous support from the team and the education provided is unrivaled in the mortgage business.

Ali Rahnema

Senior Partner

Syndicate Lending Corporation is the firm for ambitious brokers seeking success. When I joined Syndicate Lending, I gained a mentor but so much more. Not only was my thirst for knowledge quenched but new ways of doing business were taught to me. With Inam, I was able to learn discipline, sales skills, and adopt new ways of thinking to be able to approach situations with an evolved sense of confidence. Something I value is as a woman in a male dominated industry, Inam/Syndicate Lending has always been respectful and valued my opinions and ideas which has in turn has helped me thrive. It is not an understatement when I say that my business has grown exponentially since I joined Syndicate Lending in 2018. The support you receive as a broker is unparalleled.

Varsha Sharma

Senior Partner

Syndicate Lending Corporation has been an amazing experience for me, ever since I joined. Working with SLC has provided the fundamental knowledge of the mortgage industry I needed to become confident in my dealings with clients and files. I learned about solutions to financing situations that I had previously thought were not possible. There is tremendous support from the team and the education provided is unrivaled in the mortgage business.

Nabeel Jilani

Director – Underwriting

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Are you ready to build your own team? We offer world class training on cutting edge systems that can easily transform your operations to the next level.

Being employed with CIBC for the past 13 years was great, it provided me the knowledge to be a leader in mortgage secured lending. As time went on I felt I had the knowledge to take my career to the next level. In January 2020 I decided to get my Mortgage Broker’s License, I had the pleasure of being introduced to the Team of Syndicate Lending Corporation, they operate as one of the most successful independent brokerages in Vancouver. It was a decision I have never looked back on!! Syndicate Lending Corporation provided me with all the tools required to be a successful broker and eventually gave me a Senior Partner role! Being part of an organization such as Syndicate Lending gives me purpose to ensure I make a difference in the lives of our clients and most importantly my community. We consistently provide our time and give back to those who are in need & spend time in our community and provide support for great causes. Most recently I had the privilege to open up my own office, SLC team had provided me with all the tools and resources to be successful. With the support of the Syndicate Family I will be operating my own office and eventually grow and hire a team of brokers under my belt. I highly recommend Syndicate Lending Corporation which will provide you not only a career but a very rewarding one.

Amar Hayre

Senior Partner

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