Our Services

Commercial Property Finance

Thanks to our lender access, we can help secure the right financing for our clients whether they are acquiring new assets, restructuring existing debt, releasing equity or solving a problem. We cover every asset class in the commercial property finance market, financing everything from HMOs to mixed-use properties and even five-star hotels and leisure complexes in the UK and internationally.

Bridge Financing

When applied incorrectly bridging finance can be expensive and difficult to resolve. It is usually a complicated and time sensitive matter but when used in the right manner, helps solve problems and create fantastic opportunity. Our experts are leaders in the industry and have access to an unlimited number of lending solutions. This has enabled them to complete some of the most complex and time sensitive bridging finance transactions.

Development Finance

We can offer tailored and innovative solutions to suit all your property development dreams even if you are a first-time developer. Our relationship with a select group of lenders allows us take on even the most challenging of opportunities. We can arrange lending for all residential and commercial development projects regardless of your experience level, credit history or development project. We only deal with specialist lenders in development or private funds with whom we have had a successful track record, who can offer you guidance from start to completion. Dealing with specialist lenders in development we ensure their interests are in line with those of our clients. They will only get their money back once the build is complete and the units are sold so it is in everyone’s benefit that the project is completed in a timely manner.

International Mortgages

When working with international mortgages, we need to factor in the issues of the international mortgage market such as currencies, income, security and the legal framework in different countries and different regions. Despite its complexity, the international mortgage market is extensive and has allowed us to create a network of more than X numbers of global lenders.

Buy to let mortgage

Are you interested in buying a property to let it out? Whether you are a first-time buyer or building your portfolio we could make a success of your investment with a buy to let mortgage.

Portfolio refinancing

Maximise specialist funding from your portfolio with the help of our experts. We understand your professional needs and could enable you to expand your property portfolio and ensure it is delivering the best returns possible.

“One Stop Shop”

At Syndicate Lending Corporation, we also offer a comprehensive all-inclusive “one stop shop” service tailored to our international client’s real estate needs from assistance with sourcing of property, lending, opening bank accounts, insurance and management. With their expert eye, our team can help you find the development best suited to your investment goals. Through our network of developers, we can help secure discounts and grant you access to properties not yet available to the open market.